Logo 1917 Total War in Flanders In 1917 the Great War escalated in Flanders into a Total War.

Science, technology, industry, economy and society were the cogwheels of a war machine going at full speed.

At the front, the scope and the severity of violence defied all imagination. An unprecedented number of troops, modern weapons and new technologies formed the machinery of armies that could no longer afford to lose. The huge destructive power of the artillery wreaked havoc in the landscape.

Behind the front, the whole society was mobilised to keep the war industry going. Daily life became bleaker and the image of the opponent was reduced to that of ‘the enemy’.

Today we still see the scars in the landscape and the places of remembrance and commemoration. The project ‘1917. Total War in Flanders’ connects these various locations in a route of exhibitions and info-modules.

FROM 3 JUNE 2017 TO END 2017


1917, Total War in Flanders - Map

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In Flanders Fields Museum, Ieper (BE)
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Imperial War Museum (UK)
National Library of Scotland (UK)
Canadian War Museum (CAN)
Australian War Memorial (AUS)

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