1917, Total War in Flanders


Belgian military cemetery Houthulst

Belgisch Militaire Begraafplaats HouthulstAn info-module at the Belgian military cemetery in Houthulst highlights the impact of munitions on the region in 1917. During the Third Battle of Ypres the concentrations of artillery were much heavier than anything previously seen. The number of shells fired by the guns reached staggering new levels. Even today, these munitions are still being found and their effects are still being felt... 

Belgian military cemetery, Houthulst
Poelkapellestraat 44
8650 Houthulst

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daily from sunrise to sunset
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Houthulst Tourism
Markt 17
8650 Houthulst
T. +32 (0)51 46 08 94

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