Flanders Fields


In the context of the Reconstruction, various cycling routes were mapped out along reconstruction sites:

Diksmuide - 35 km 

This bicycle tour takes you to some picturesque villages of Diksmuide. Along the way you discover how these small communities regained their rights after the war. How the residential centers of Oostkerke and Kaaskerke were rebuilt in a different location. Important sights are Sint-Jacobs-Kapelle, Oudekapelle, Lampernisse, Oostkerke, Stuivekenskerke, Viconia Kasteelhoeve and Kaaskerke.

The brochure is available at Tourism Diksmuide (Markt 6) from 15 May.


Lo-Reninge - 36 km

Lo-Reninge has created a cycle route that brings you the reconstruction story of Architect Henry Lacoste in Lo. Also the reconstruction of the village centre of Reninge and the many typical reconstruction farmsteads in Noordschote and Pollinkhove, which came through the war almost unscathed, are covered by the route.

The brochure is available at Tourism Lo-Reninge (Markt 17a) from 29 May.


Langemark-Poelkapelle & Houthulst - 37,9 km

This cycle route surrounds 'het Vrijbos' and takes you to remarkable stories and sites of the reconstruction. Discover the history of DOVO, 'het Boskasteel', Chäteau Melane and the Vredesmolen.

The map is available from May 2020.

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