Flanders Fields

The malt house tower, Reningelst

Feniks2020 - wederopbouw - Eerste Wereldoorlog - Westhoek - De Kinderbrouwerij - Reningelst - Poperinge


4 July until 13 September 2020

Children during the Reconstruction

The story of Margriet Six is one of the central elements in this exhibition. Children, teenagers and young adults talk to the visitors and tell them how they experienced the years after the war. What did Margriet think
when she was finally able to decorate her own room in the rebuilt brewery? How did the fifteen- year-old Ernest react when his father, a well-digger, dug up the corpse of a French soldier and had to give everyone present a slug of gin, to help them recover? What hopes did Florent Houwen have when he set off to teacher training college and was he ever able to fulfil his dreams?

This exhibition will run in an iconic location: the malt house tower in the old St. George's brewery. 

Kama in Reningelst

During the exhibition, everyone will be given the chance to contribute their own drawing to the new design of Feniks street. Imagine a row of houses where a gap suddenly appears, because one of them has been flattened by a shell. How would you fill in this space? Budding illustrators are free to express their ideas - and one of them is Kamagurka. But Kama will also take things a stage further, by knocking on the doors of local people's homes to ask them what they think. Do they like his design? Would they rebuild or not? If not, what would they do instead? The result of 'Kama in Reningelst' can be viewed as a documentary within the exhibition, in a room where the creative 'brews' of locals and visitors gradually ferment into a new village street.

De Kinderbrouwerij
8970 Reningelst (Poperinge)

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Closed on Mondays.

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