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Queen Elisabeth, Marie Curie, Käthe Kollwitz, Elsie and Mairi, Madame Tack, Mietje BoeufThe Great War was not just an exclusively male affair. Women more than played their part in this world conflagration. Perhaps not on the battlefield, but certainly in society, in local communities and in their own families. During a war, it is the women who must look after the children, run the family home, maintain local health and education services and set up solidarity networks that transcended ethnic and cultural boundaries. Women as a force for peace.

In a series of exhibitions, theatrical walks, a special edition of the 'Ten Vrede' (Peace) music festival and a whole range of other events in the northern part of the Westhoek, the project 'Her Side of the War' will turn the spotlight on a number of iconic female figures from the First World War. Using personal stories and testimonies, we will give the women of the war a platform and will link their experiences to those of women in present-day conflict situations.

The 'Her Side of the War' programme starts on 9 April 2016!



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