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Madame Tack and Mietje Boeuf in Diksmuide

9/04/2016 - 8/01/2017

Madame TackThe Museum on the IJzer tells the story of four strong women, who each made an impact in different ways on the life of Belgian soldiers at the front during the Great War: Madame Tack, Mietje Boeuf, Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm.

When the war started, the 78-year-old Madame Tack lived with her dog, parrot and donkey in the Villa Marietta, close to the River IJzer. Her house was soon in the front line but she refused to leave. Instead, she began providing soup and coffee to the soldiers serving in the trenches. She was often to be seen with her donkey very close to the firing line and quickly became known as the 'Soldiers' Mother'.

Another lady, Mieke Deboeuf, known as 'La Joconde' (Cheerful Woman), did much the same. She lived in Oudekapelle, close to the IJzer. Mietje BoeufLike Villa Marietta, her house was soon in the front line, but she insisted on staying, providing French and Belgian soldiers with all kinds of domestic services, including cooking, washing and sewing.

This exhibition is not wheelchair accessible.

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