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  • Queen Elisabeth, Marie Curie, Käthe Kollwitz, Elsie and Mairi, Madame Tack, Mietje BoeufOPENING OF THE EXHIBITIONS
    Saturday, 9 April 2016 at various locations

    On this day, all the project's different exhibitions will open their doors to the general public. Until 8 January 2017, you can visit Veurne, Diksmuide, Koekelare and De Panne to find out more about such fascinating figures as Käthe Kollwitz, Marie Curie, Queen Elisabeth, Madame Tack, Mietje Boeuf, Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm.
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    Saturday, 9 April 2016 in Veurne

    The second edition of Historic Veurne will be devoted in its entirety to the role of women in the First World War. During this theatrical walk through the town, you will meet a number of the most important leading ladies from the war years. You will also visit a WWI village, where the history of the Great War truly comes to life. Historic Veurne ends with a spectacular closing event on the Grote Markt (Market Square). 
    More info:  www.toerisme-veurne.be

    Friday, 25 April – Tuesday, 3 May 2016

    As part of the Her Side of the War programme, the GoneWest project Coming World Remember Me will descend on Koekelare. Everyone can make one of the 600,000 statuettes that symbolize the victims of the First World War in Belgium. So why not take part in this major artistic project?
    Where: De Balluchon, Koekelare
    Info: www.comingworldrememberme.be

    Wednesday, 15 June – Monday, 15 August 2016

    Join Coming World Remember Me, an art project that aims to make 600,000 clay figures, one for every victim of the First World War in Belgium. In 2018, the results will be displayed in what was once no-man’sland in the Palingbeek provincial domain in Zillebeke, near Ieper. It costs 5 euros per person to take part and the proceeds will be used to help children who have experienced physical or psychological distress as a result of war.
    Where: Free Fatherland Visitor Centre
    When: Monday to Friday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
    Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
    Info: www.comingworldrememberme.be

    Sunday, 3 & 17 July 2016, Sunday, 7 & 21 August 2016

    A fun initiative that brings music into the home! Female artists from different genres are given a platform in the living rooms of local people. Four Sundays long, with concerts starting at 11.00 am. There is room at each venue for sixty spectators.
    Where: De Panne
    Tickets: +32 (0)58 42 18 18 - toerisme.depanne.be
    Info: De Panne Culture Office
    +32 (0)58 42 97 53 - www.depanne.be

  • Intergalactic LoversTEN VREDE (PEACE) FESTIVAL
    Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September 2016 in Diksmuide

    For many years, the Ten Vrede Festival has been an indictment against all forms of war and violence, both past and present. In this edition of the festival, strong women anno 2016 occupy a central position: female performers, artists, writers, journalists and peace activists. Famous names include Axelle Red, Trixie Whitley, Intergalactic Lovers, the girls’ choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Lady Linn, Emma Bale and Liesbeth List. During the festival, it will also be possible to visit for free the temporary exhibition about Elsie & Mairi and Madame Tack and Mietje Boeuf in the Museum on the IJzer. There is a surprise 'extra' for concert-goers, as well as explanatory information about the exhibition.
    More info:  www.aandeijzer.be

  • Theatre walk: Women in the front lineTHEATRE WALK: 'WOMEN IN THE FRONT LINE'
    Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September 2016 (20.00 hours)
    Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2016 (15.00 and 20.00 hours)
    in De Blankaart castle park in Diksmuide

    Based on personal testimonies and experiences, nine women who were active during the Great War in the Westhoek are given a live platform to tell their story in four moving scenes. The women in question are: Queen Elisabeth, Käthe Kollwitz, Marie and Irène Curie, Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm, Madame Tack and Mietje Boeuf. The lady of the Blankaart castle and her nieces act as 'hosts' of the public. The setting is the castle's atmospheric park. The walk is in Dutch, with a simultaneous digital projection in French, English and German onto nearby television screens. Author and director: Kathelijn Vervarcke
    More info:  via www.cckruispunt.be or toerisme@stad.diksmuide.be
    (tickets available from April 2016!)