During the period 2014-2018, people from all over the world can take part in workshops to make 600,000 clay statuettes, one for each victim of the First World War in Belgium. In 2018 all the statuettes will be brought together in an open-air land art installation in the Palingbeek provincial park, which once formed part of no-man's-land in the front zone around Ieper.

Participation costs 5 euros. This entitles you to become the 'godparent' of one of the statuettes. Half of the participation fee is donated to a good cause that helps children and young people who are experiencing physical or psychological difficulties as a result of present- day war situations.

Each godparent receives a certificate and a dog tag with the name of one of the victims recorded in the name list of victims compiled by the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Permanent workshops: groups can make their statuettes in one of the permanent workshops at:

  • Kazematten Ieper, Kazemat 5, 8900 Ieper
  • Bommenvrij Nieuwpoort, Schoolstraat 48, Nieuwpoort

Mobile workshops: workshops can be booked on request for schools, societies, towns, municipalities, etc. The size of the workshop depends on the commitment of the partner.

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