Remembrance Partners Flanders Fields

Remembrance tourism in the Westhoek

The First World War, often referred to as the Great War, left a deep mark on the Westhoek. Throughout the region there are now hundreds of sites, monuments and cemeteries that are of huge historical importance for the peoples of many nations. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world travel to Flanders Fields to see the relics of the 'Great War' with their own eyes.

Network 'Remembrance Partners Flanders Fields'

In order to ensure that you are well informed about the First World War, so that you can have a truly memorable visit to our region, Westtoer has organized a WWI training programme for entrepreneurs working in the tourist industry in the Westhoek. These partners, along with the local museums and tourist offices, are often the first point of contact for tourists visiting the area.

In addition to tourist officials, museum staff and a number of battlefield guides, many local owners of hotels, restaurants and cafes have also followed this training course. This means that they are ideally prepared to help visitors during the current centenary remembrance period. During their training, attention is given, amongst other things, to the most important episodes in the history of the First World War in the Westhoek. This includes information about tourist activities relating to WWI museums, sites, routes and events. The participants also have the possibility to develop and offer their own 'tailor-made' remembrance packages.

228 tourism entrepreneurs took part in the training. For them, the Great War no longer holds any secrets! Together, they now form the 'Westhoek Remembrance Partners' network. You can recognize the 'Remembrance Partners' by this exclusive network logo:

Remembrance Partners Flanders Fields       

The netwerk 'Remembrance Partners Flanders Fields' guarantees the provision of correct historical information and high quality advice/guidance in relation to the First World War. All the partners undertake to act in accordance with the spirit and principles of ethical and multi-voiced remembrance tourism, also known as tourism+. Westtoer has formulated seven basic principles for this new type of tourism: respect, good hospitality, accessibility, a multi-voiced approach, deepening, internationalization and the peace message.

The network 'Remembrance Partners Flanders Fields' was created within the framework of the following projects:
- Europees Interreg 2 Seas – project ‘Great War’
- Flanders Tourism – 'Visitor management for 100 years of the Great War' project

Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.